The London fashion scene is becoming more and more prevalent in today's culture. It is the source of many designers inspirations, visions, and epiphanies. It's a home to many and a getaway for some. There is a large indefinite number of those persons playing a pioneering role in this scene. They are setting the tone and structure for how clothing should be crafted, manufactured, and sold to the public. Most are still working in a  technical state while others a more artistic approach. You would call this a Mantegna which means that a new renaissance of style is taking place in London. There is a rebirth happening amongst some major brands and their collections favorite pieces.

VA Garments has taken one of their collections beloved pieces and decided to reconstruct it. The VA Garments British Bomber Jacket has been crafted into an extended version. The extended version is of high-quality velvet fabric. The bomber has taped internal seams with a warm quilted lining. It features two open pockets on the sides of the body and a soft rib detail to the collar, cuffs, and waistband for comfortability.

The backdrop for the release the bomber jacket played a vital role. The shoot was taken place on location in the heart of the city. It was done at Monument/Leadenhall Market which captures all the British decor and heritage. All of this translates into the vision for VA Extended Bomber Jackets. Not only does the location play a part, but the subjects as well. Charley Purpz and Daniel Thomas Hayes brought to the life the vision behind these pieces.

VA Garments are strong believers in the quality of producing good products. It is shown with the new British Bomber Jacket. With each piece, they create they are becoming exceptionally noticed by everyone. If you are looking for quality and style, I suggest you head on over to VA Garments.

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