End of the Week Artist: Heather Hansen.

It's the end of the week over here at RebelliousRebelInc., and we have a new end of the week artist for you guys.

Heather Hansen is a mixed media, visual and production artist based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. The art, that she creates, is from the usage of her body movements. There is so much intensity in her work that it leaves you feeling amazed. The driving force behind work is that she produces them in front of live audiences. 

To learn more about her art visit her site at Heather Hansen

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The Book of Ezekixl.

Everything around us has officially gone digital with the exception that some things are still available for print publication. Every generation has a group of persons making strides within their community. Majority of them are literally sitting behind us or in various parts of the world. In past times, it was hard to meet persons of this nature, but with the help of social media, we have. With that, we have now made the connection. A connection that allows us to portray who we are in the visual sense. This connection has pushed me to share with you all a London based visual artist who is gathering and bringing together an army of visual visionaries.

The phrase self-expression has often been the focal point for many culture movements. Today's youth  now are capitalizing off that phrase. In the last year, many of them have begun to use social media as a  way to market their art. This in return has help them create visual mood boards for their supporters. Not only that, but it has made them gain a serious online presence. And London seems to be one leading the charge. 

I have been following a few art collectives, designers, artists, and what not from the London area for two years now. You can say a little longer if you count musicians and singers. None the less I have been following. And recently I have come across visual artist Ezekixl. He is the founder and creator of Vintage Yard Uk. From what I have observed from his work, is that he is not afraid to experiment. Majority of his visuals either done by him or with other artists. There appears to be a plethora of dark undertones and themes within his visuals. In a way, there is a message that he wants you to get and understand. A story that he is trying to convey with his art. A story to grab your attention visually. 

We all have a story to tell whether or not we choose to share it. Unwritten dreams, ideas, and tales that are waiting to be heard and seen. Ezekixl has begun that process. The process of opening his book for the world to see. He has inspired his peers to do the same. And because of that, I must share this treasure with you all. Be inspired like I have. Open your book, and let the world read.

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Visit: www.vintageyarduk.com

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