You Want It ? Go After It.

Ah! Fall is here or better yet approaching us very quickly. Which means time to put away the mules, and bring out the booties. Or maybe the huge oversize knit sweaters. For me personally I am putting away so much more than some summer gear.

I have basically spent my whole entire summer working and not enjoying absolutely anything. I do not regret because well priorities come first ( bills, bills, bills, ). Not that I am sulking about doing that because I like to work and earn dough. I mean come on now? But I did spend my entire summer letting God know what my next moves are about to be.

I rarely speak on my plans, goals, and or moves. My parents taught me very well, and my mom currently is still teaching me somethings. One of those things is her trying to help me break my frustration and impatient ways. You know trying to teach an old dog new tricks? (not referring to myself as a dog, but its a metaphor). I have patience for things that will benefit me, but if I deem them to be irrelevant to my life I will grow weary. But just last week I was reminded that I had so much patience when I was in London. And that reminder has ushered me into my new season.

My circle has dwindle. My social outings in Baltimore have stop. My time is now spent planning and implicating. My interest and perspectives have grown beyond what I use to find cool ( eh). My life has transition and I am loving my own personal lane. My new life begins tomorrow and I could not be happier. Anxious and what not but so ready for it.

I been waiting for this moment half of my life and now it is here. I want I am going to go get it.


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