Greater Knowledge: Welcome Home Flaco.

You can imagine how one must feel when someone they have not talk to in months hits them up. Depending on the situation they could either be ecstatic, sad, or mad. But for me I was super overly joyed when I got a particular text from a particular person. Yes ladies and gents Flaco is back in Baltimore and is ready to drop some knowledge on the underground art scene.

As we sat down this time around I decided to switch up my questions. Only because I wanted to know how was his time out in LA, and what did he do while out there? I could tell from my observations that he has grown and matured into a different person than before. And before I could open my lips to ask, he soon started talking.

He begins talking about how he has been doing so much with launching and stabilizing careers. In addition to that he opens about his childlike feeling of seeing all the opportunities that were offered to him while in LA. From his words he states that he just wants to have fun with music, and not be so by the book about it. From there he touches bases of forming a music collective that has now turned into a major art collective. He shares the many endeavors that they all have accomplished in such a short period of time.

We then transitioned from talking about his stay in LA to the reason why he came back to Baltimore. He states that his spirit was lead to come back to Baltimore. He goes on to adds that it happen in phases and that it was necessary to be here. His mindset was fixated on missing his people and the love that Baltimore gives him.
The interview concluded with his sharing of all the up and coming talent that is here in Baltimore. Everyone from Black Zheep DZ, Dope Poet Society, Butch Dawson, Chrissy Vasquez, TT The Artist, and so many more.

It clear that Baltimore's underground scene hidden gem is back. He is ready to help shift and bring a new light to the art world that is here. From my perspective he wants us to see the potential that we have, maximize all of it, regret nothing, and to stop over selling it. He adds that the more preservation you have of yourself the more you begin to learn who you are.

Its time to break away from social stigma that surrounds Baltimore, and really push this city talent.

You can follow Flaco on twitter| @flacoescobar_cc