Missed Call.

It has been a week since I posted something on this blog. It has been a month since I posted anything written worthy for you guys. But none the less I am here, writing, and what not. 

I have not been in the mood to write anything for about two months now. I believe now God is picking when I need to speak and when I do not need to speak. So he has allowed me to speak to guys on certain issues that are currently happening in our world today. 

I started blogging about six years ago, and I am amazed how I have stuck with it. As of late I have begun to get really turned off by the blogging world. It seems that everyone and their mother has a blog. And I am beginning to think persons are blogging for all the wrong reasons. Me personally I feel as though bloggers are selling out for freebies and exposure. And I am saying for what? A seat at fashion week? A bloggers event? Instagram posts? Has the world finally become that shallow where originality is no longer an option on the menu ? If that be the case maybe I need to step back and reevaluate my position in the blogging world.

In addition to the blogging world, the Youtube world is full of complete middle school drama. I believe I had to unsubscribe and unfollow some persons this week. I could no longer stand by and support persons who are catering into drama not of their own. Its so sad when personal life issues make their way to the web. Especially on a platform such as YouTube. People think they are making money from YouTube, but YouTube is making money from them.

Aside from that social media sites have officially ruin this generation and time period. It is unbelievable how persons tweet, status, tumb, and instagram every moment of their lives. Do you have something better to do then show me what you are doing at this very second? Everything is a cult following today and I just about had a enough. 

With so much going on in the world from racism, depression, suicide, genocide, and flat out murder; my question is, what are we doing? What is more important some selfie book? Or Beyonce' latest wannabe feminism act? Are we focusing on things that are really irrelevant and have nothing to do with serious matters?

I do not know about you my readers, but I have had just about a enough of this culture. I want my nieces and cousins who are younger than me to live safe. To live in a world where they won't be shot because of their skin complexion. To live in a world where turning up is not the only thing to do on a Friday night. To live in a world where the peace of God flows and everyone loves/respects each other. 

We have to do better guys, and start putting things that are more precedential matters first.  

If your in than I am in as well. 

(By the way the cape is made by me: if you want one made email rebelliousrebel@rebelliousrebel.com )